Research, Policy & Legal Department

 Research, Policy and Legal Department

       Research, Policy and Legal department is responsible for the arrangement of setting the policies, objectives and functions of Myanma Foreign Trade Bank for each fiscal year and reports on the accomplished functions. It prepares and compiles the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports on banking operations to submit the Ministry of Planning and Finance and  Central Bank of Myanmar. It also reviews and gives comment on the drafts of law, rule and regulation as well as the agreements and memorandums of understanding between government entities of Myanmar and international organizations, NGOs/ INGOs and private sector entities. Moreover, talking points, relevant data, information for meetings and seminars are submitted to Minister’s office. It maintains books, journals, newspapers, magazines, laws and regulations, government’s policies, annual reports and publications from correspondent banks, line ministries and department concerned for reference and research. Appropriate books and publications are collected and it has been lending to the staff for capacity building. Department takes responsibilities the function of mini-library. The department arranges the meeting requested by local and foreign organizations.