Myanma Foreign Trade Bank



  1. (1) Myanma Foreign Trade Bank has received the Century International Quality Era Award in the Gold Category presented by the Business Initiative Directions (BID), Madrid , Spain. As a private organization , BID began its program for quality awards and quality share culture in 1986, prior to other international recognized awards such as the Baldrige award in the U.S (August 1987)
  2. (2) The Award presentation took place in Geneva, Switzerland on April 23,2007.
  3. (3) The Century International Quality Era Award is presented to each as an entity, for corporate achievement, to recognized leadership, quality innovation, excellence, technology, customer service and prestige; for this purpose, a voting process was carried out during the B.I.D World Congress with meetings in Paris, London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and New York over the past ten months, based on one several of the following concepts: -The QC 100 Principles, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Technology, Best Practice, Business Result, ISO 9000 and TQM.
  4. (4) In addition to the voting process carried out in personal encounters with business leader by mail and on line macro poll, B.I.D gathers information through consultations of the media (press, radio and television), consultancy companies, advertising agencies, trade fairs and exhibits, chambers of commerce, embassies and polls which is analyzed by the Century International Quality ERA Selection Committee.
  5. (5) Criteria on which the Century International Quality Era is based on:
    • (a) Excellence in leadership and Business Management
    • (b) Quality and Excellence
    • (c) Business and Brand Name Prestige
    • (d) Technology, Innovation and Expansion.
  6. (6) The award is composed of trophy , a Certificate and statement of quality , which, upon receiving the award, is acquired by the company a commitment to its clients and employees to quality programs.